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    10:15 AM - 12:15 PM



    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



    11:35 AM - 12:35 PM



    12:30 PM - 02:30 PM



    12:30 PM - 01:30 PM



    12:35 PM - 01:35 PM



    01:00 PM - 02:00 PM



    01:15 PM - 02:15 PM



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    02:45 PM - 04:45 PM

  • Milan Day


    03:10 PM - 05:10 PM

  • Rajdhani Day


    03:30 PM - 05:30 PM



    03:30 PM - 05:30 PM

  • Kalyan


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  • Milan Night


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    09:45 PM - 12:05 AM

  • Rajdhani Night


    09:30 PM - 11:45 PM

  • Main Ratan


    09:35 PM - 12:05 AM

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Time Results Time Results
11:00 AM590-4 12:00 PM368-7
01.00 PM690-5 02.00 PM790-6
03.00 PM127-0 04.00 PM456-5
05.00 PM125-8 06.00 PM450-9
07.00 PM280-0 08.00 PM379-9
09.00 PM379-9 10.00 PM377-7

filter_vintageMilan star line Resultsfilter_vintage

Time Results Time Results
09:30 AM235-0 10.30 AM259-6
11.30 AM348-5 12.30 AM130-4
01.30 PM480-2 02.30 PM220-4
03.30 PM669-1 04.30 PM359-7
05.30 PM689-3 06.30 PM159-5
07.30 PM678-1 08.30 PM580-3

filter_vintageDubai Star Line Resultsfilter_vintage

Time Results Time Results
10:00 PM377-7 10:30 PM669-1
11.00 PM340-7 11.30 PM470-1
12.00 PM458-7 12.30 AM126-9
01.00 AM390-2 01.30 AM880-6
02.00 AM579-1 02.30 AM400-4
03.00 AM235-0 03.30 AM367-6

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    59 >> **

    05:00 AM


    94 >> **

    05:15 AM


    57 >> **

    11:00 AM


    95 >> **

    12:30 PM


    17 >> **

    02:30 PM


    69 >> **

    04:00 PM


    03 >> **

    06:00 PM


    41 >> **

    07:00 PM


    94 >> **

    08:00 PM


    11 >> **

    08:30 PM


    64 >> **

    10:30 PM

  • GALI

    54 >> **

    11:00 PM


    93 >> **

    11:30 PM


    61 >> **

    11:55 PM

filter_vintageFree Game Menufilter_vintage

  • Open - 9 0 1 8
  • Jodi - 94 00 19 87
  • Panna - 450 460 579 125
  • **
  • Open - 3 5 8 6
  • Jodi - 34 58 81 60
  • Panna - 355 447 378 790
  • .
  • Open - 6 1 9 5
  • Jodi - 64 13 95 50
  • Panna - 114 344 135 140
  • *
  • Open - 4 8 3 5
  • Jodi - 41 81 32 58
  • Panna - 167 224 445 249
  • *

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The Story of Satta Matka Kalyan

Nowadays, people search for sources where they can earn money in different ways with low efforts. Everyone is searching for the sources where they can earn some amount by playing games, watching videos, and sharing links. The Satta market is a platform that provides you a source to earn money within one night by Satta matka Kalyan. and kalyan star line

Satta Matka is one type of lottery game, and the name of this game is based upon a person Kalyan Bhagat who is the president of the lottery association.

History of Satta Kalyan Chart & Star Line

Kalyan Bhagat started the Matka game in 1962 and named this Worli Matka. Later in 1964, Ratan Khatri introduced the New Worli Matka with few changes in the Kalyan chart game rules. Kalyan Bhagat's matka ran for all days in a week, including Saturday and Sunday, while Ratan Khatri's matka game ran only for the working days, i.e., Monday to Friday. Both the games became popular with the passes of the year.

Most of the people in Mumbai started playing this game, and they bet for this. Whenever the people got some time, they visited the Satta spot and started betting. Here everyone wants to be rich. Because of this game's popularity, the amount of betting increased and reached up to 50 million rupees per month.

Because of the fear of the police, most of the dealers shifted their business from Mumbai to Gujarat and Rajasthan. After this, some other types of betting Kalyan result game also discovered like Madhuri Satta, kalyan star line and all. This game is still popular in the year 2020 and available in the format of mobile applications. Now you can play this game online if you have a system and internet connection in your home.

Personal life description of Kalyan Bhagat-The king of Kalyan Matka

Kalyan Bhagat, who is known as the Kalyan Matka king, was born in Gujarat. In 1941 he visited Mumbai and began his career as a tobacco seller. After a few years, he started a grocery store in Worli, Mumbai, where he sells daily used grocery items. In 1960 he discovered a gambling game and named it the Kalyan matka game. After his death, his son Suresh Bhagat continued the business.

The entry of Ratan Khatri – The original Matka kalyan result king

In the era of the '90s, Ratan Khatri was known as the original matka king. He controlled this gambling game in a nationwide. He had links with the international gamblers. He was also jailed for 19 months because of this business. In 1990, he retired from the business, and he recently died on May 9, 2020

The murder of Suresh Bhagat

On June 11, 2008, Suresh Bhagat was found dead in a road accident. He was coming back from the court with his guard and lawyer. In further investigation, it was found that It was a pre-planned mother, and the person behind is murder was none other than his son Hitesh Bhagat.

Final words

It is discovered before the era of independence. In 1960s, the game was totally developed. This game is first started in Mumbai, but now it is popular in many countries.

Indian Satta welcomes you to a whole new trip to the excitement and lots of prices that you can bag for yourself. Why struggle for money when you have an amazing way to make some extra bucks or fulfill your destiny? We bring you the freedom to play Matka games online by downloading our “PLAYMATKA” application.

Daily Live Results for You

With Indian Satta, you do not have to struggle when it comes to determining the Satta result of his or her Matka game investment. Whether it is the result for KAMDHENU Satta, kalyan star line, the KALYAN satta, or the JANTA DAY satta, we publish all the results live on the site without the need to go out to your local Satta office to get the results.

Invest In A Plethora of Satta Opportunities

Our list of Indian Matka Satta available for you isn’t just limited to one or two betting games. We have a collection of some of the best options available for you. Choose the one that suits your desires and invest accordingly.

Whether you plan to invest a small amount or go all big on numbers, we are here for you with a collection of Satta games such as:

  • Bhootnath Morning
  • Madhuri
  • Main Sridevi
  • Time Bazaar
  • Milan Day
  • Milan Night
  • Dhanlaxmi Day
  • Rajdhani Day
  • Sairat Morning
  • Rajdhani Night
  • Time Syndicate
  • Balaji Day
  • Kalyan
  • Kuber Balaji
  • Main Ratan
  • Golden Day
  • Nagpur Day
  • Madhuri Day
  • Morning Syndicate
  • Kamdhenu
  • Main Ratan Day
  • Main Sridevi Night
  • Syndicate Night
  • Balaji Night
  • Madhuri Night
  • Main Ratan Bombay
  • Main Mumbai
  • Dhanlaxmi Night
  • Diamond
  • Janta Day
  • Kurla Day
  • kalyan star line

What is the Satta Matka?

Basically, the Satta Matka is the Indian lottery game. As the game evolved with time, it has entered the online domain. It started back during the Indian Independence era. This lottery game saw its best time and popularity during the 1980s and 90s. This game came into prominence under the popular “King of Satta Matka” game known as Ratan Khatri.

Satta Matka: The History Behind This Popular Game

Before you start investing in Indian Satta’s collection of Satta Matka games, let us know more about the history of this interesting game that helps you make some extra cash on the side. Who knows, you might even open your good luck pot one day.

The Satta Matka India games began as early as the 1950s. This was when placing bets was gaining a lot of popularity. People invested in guessing games such as the increase and decrease of the cotton prices that were being transferred from the NY Cotton Exchange all the way to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. However, later this was stopped by the NY Cotton Exchange. The will and enthusiasm of the players later brought back the Satta Matka to life, making things interesting in a different way.

Different Types of the Indian Satta’s You Should Play

Indian Satta Matka brings you a range of Satta Matka Kalyan games that can help you try your luck in the best way possible.

  • Matka:

    This type of betting game or Satta is derived from the Hindi word that means “Earthen Pot.” Before the game went online, betters used these pots to draw the lucky number making it easy for the counting of results. The game got its popularity from the name itself.

  • Single:

    You can select any number starting from 0 all the way to 9. All you need to do is place the bet & wait for luck to be your lady as the Matka results come out!

  • Pair/Jodi:

    In the Hindi language, the term “Jodi” means “Pair.” In this betting game, you need to select the pair numbers starting from 00 all the way to 99. The selected pair is the number you will bet upon.

  • Patti/Panna:

    This type of betting is about the 3 digits used for the Satta Matka result purpose. However, there is a catch with this betting type. Meaning, you can bet only on a limited set of numbers.

  • Open/Close Result:

    The Satta Matka game is actually divided into 2 different parts. The first section is termed as Open Result & the 2 nd section is termed as Close Result. It obviously is an exciting game for you to place your bets on.

Why Bet with Indian Satta?

  • Special Zone:

    With Indian Satta’s betting popularity, we have introduced a special zone for our betting customers that include the Weekly Panel Chart, Khatri’s Favorite Panna Chart, as well as Matka Jodi List.

  • Live Chart Records:

    For the year 2020, we also bring you the live chart records for your favorite betting game. This includes the Balaji chart record, Janta Bazar chart record, Central Bombay chart record, and so on.

  • Panel Charts:

    We also list out the panel charts for the betting games such as Madhuri Panel Chart, Time Bazaar Panel Chart, Milan Day Panel Chart, etc.

  • Panel Charts:

    We also list out the panel charts for the betting games such as Madhuri Panel Chart, Time Bazaar Panel Chart, Milan Day Panel Chart, etc.

  • Jodi Charts:

    Indian Satta also brings the customers to access to the Jodi Chart for different betting game types such as Madhuri Jodi Chart, Main Sridevi Jodi Chart, Time Bazar Jodi Chart, Kalyan Start Line, and more.

  • Timely Results:

    We ensure that the results of any betting game are live on our website without any delay. With the live results, one can easily determine if the number of their choice has won the prize or not.

So, why wait? Start placing your bets with Indian Satta today and win what you always aimed for! Choose from kalyan star line, Kalyan chart, Kalyan Matka, and more. We will always be here with the latest Kalyan result. To know more about the way the betting game of Indian Satta works, you can also contact our customer care representatives and clear any doubts.

Make sure you try out our getting forum and adhere to the rules and regulations for a great gaming experience!

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